I bought my first road bike back in 2014, and as soon as I began cycling I fell in love with the sport. I was a soccer player before I became a cyclist, and competitive by nature, I started racing the year I bought my road bike. Bit by that racing bug, I knew that in order for me to achieve my athletic goals I needed a coach who would help me get there. With Robin as my coach, I’m now getting the most out of my training and it’s amazing to see how much you can improve with the right kind of training plan. Not only am I now training properly, I’ve also gained valuable information for living a healthy lifestyle off the bike that will help me succeed on the bike. This includes nutrition, which after taking Robin’s advice I have seen how my performance has improved, because now I’m providing my body with the right type of fuel and hydration. Additionally, after being injured it has been so valuable to work with Robin to coach me through the recovery process and help me come back strong. Her advice and expertise in cycling has been essential to my development, and it has helped me become a stronger and smarter cyclist. Robin started coaching me for road cycling, but when I got into cyclocross she coached me in that discipline too! It’s exciting to see how much progress I’ve made and I look forward to seeing more results down the road…pun intended.

— MacKenzie DeLaughder, Mac Coaching