At the ripe old age of 56, our paths crossed as you were winning that Saturday Tulsa Tough Crit. I was fit for my group but be being lapped in the weekly beginner Crit “C-group” practice series. You were patient but direct; using diplomatic candor. You took your time to understand what my schedule allowed and recognized quickly how to [re]focus my available training time towards the most productive outcome by eliminating the junk miles and replacing it with meaningful efforts. As a result, within a year I was winning my races. Mid-year I moved up in category and was competing strongly in the “B-group” races, measured by many top 10 finishes. Thank you.

Thank you, Robin, also for taking the time to come to town. Those personal visits, while not part of the normal course of training, sure did wonders. I have confidence in my bike fit which has added to my confidence in the corners (those cornering lessons didn’t hurt either).
— Joel Kantor