From Violin to Velo


I like to think there's a parallel between playing an instrument and riding a bike. You have to practice, listen to your teacher, do the scales, warm-up, focus. Each route is like a piece of music with its challenges, hills and descents, turns and curves. I started playing the violin at 4 but I came to cycling later on and did my first race at 50. I had never thought of myself as anything athletic or competitive. I was more of a nerd, not interested in sports except fo swimming and tennis. My first bicycle event was the MS 150. I rode 168 miles in 2 days on a 30 year old bike with top tube shifters.

After a few years of charity rides, a new bike, I wanted to go faster. I love speed. So I asked a very fast cyclist I could never keep up with on the weekend rides and she said just get a coach. What a novel idea! So for 6 years now I have been learning, practicing my instrument and I can play faster. My first race was in Bagdad, AZ and it was also my first podium. From then on I did every race I could find. The more I raced, the more I wanted to race. I joined  the only women's team in AZ, AZ Women Racing and I am actively participating in promoting and growing women cycling especially Masters.

It is no secret that high intensity exercise can fend off neuro-degenerative diseases. I work in retirement planning, I come across people of every generation and I believe your health is your biggest asset. Racing and working with a coach keeps me focused, disciplined, goal and result oriented with the added benefit of a stronger body and mind. I love to spread the word and rally the troops and I encourage everyone to get involved and together we can grow cycling for all ages!

Nathalie Potvin

Revolution Coaching