Tdf Trip with Tori Troche

Having attended a camp with Robin previously, I knew the Pyrenees camp was going to be a blast. I was so excited for the trip I even started “teaching” myself French and researching the wines of the region. It is France, after all!. This camp completely exceeded my expectations, which were already high, to say the least.
I was blown away by the location and scenery that we were so lucky to experience.  Every day we had carpets of sunflowers rolled out to meet us as if to welcome us to beautiful Southern France. Staying in the 16th-century Chateau was like being transported back into time, but with the addition of a few modern amenities.  Between the gorgeous subterranean wine cellar, stunning architecture, and spacious Downton Abbey-like rooms, what was there not to like?! Around the dinner table each night, the feeling of family and camaraderie was so special, and for me, these were the most defining moments of the whole trip.
I haven’t even mentioned the riding yet! This was my first cycling trip to France, and the home of modern day cycling didn’t disappoint. The routes we rode were well planned, challenging, and of course stunning to say the least. We were supported by two ‘superman’ support riders who made sure we got where we need to go safely. Plus, with a wicked sense of humor, the two made the long rides full of laughs. Additionally, we had a support car with us making sure we were fully hydrated and fueled-up for the climbs ahead.
However, it wasn’t the just Chateau or the incredible food lovingly prepared by our awesome chef Jean Pierre that made the trip so special, it was also the amazing people who were along for the ride. I knew a few already, but many of the campers were strangers before the trip. I know that the friendships I made and strengthened throughout our time with Revolution Coaching will last a lifetime. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend this camp. I know the experience will stay with me for a lifetime. Let the countdown begin until the next Revolution Coaching Camp!

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