Athlete Profile: Joe Nava at Uncle Tren's Time Trial

Joe Nava has been working with Coach Jill on his TT skills. Here's what he had to say about the recent Uncle Tren's Time Trial.

"This past Saturday was one for the books! Uncle Tren’s Time Trial was an amazing experience to say to the least. The whole process was an eye opener and from the moment I arrived I quickly realized how some of the athletes where already in “race mode”. They had their headphones on while warming up on their trainers. They were ready to race the clock. I sat back and observed how great detail went into setting up their bikes. I’m not going to lie I asked myself several times, "what the heck am I doing here?" That being said I walked over to the registration table where I was able to meet Uncle Tren!

Tren was very welcoming and willing to get me up to speed on how the whole time trial process works. He explained to me how I will want to increase my speed gradually throughout the race, finishing my second lap faster than my first. He told me not to worry about the other athletes and to realize I’m only racing the clock and no one else. Thanks, Tren! That put my mind at ease.

While lining up and getting ready to start the race I told myself that I will finish this 40k no matter what happens or how I feel! Taking off from the start line I had a little adrenaline rush and was really moving on my bike. I told myself to remain at a consistent speed and try and hold a steady cadence. I focused on pushing around 75% of my max power on the first lap. During that first lap I played around with my gears and tried to see if I could maintain a high gear for the whole race. I was able to hold the same gearing for the entire course except on one hill on the way back where had to get off my saddle and really push. The head wind didn’t help either.

The second lap was a bit of challenge but seeing other racers speed past me only gave me more confidence to keep pushing. Finishing the race, I felt tired but happy that I was able to complete the entire 40K! This race really paid off for me. I now have more confidence with myself and my bike for my upcoming triathlon.

I’m already looking forward to next month, and seeing if I can beat my time by 5 minutes!"

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